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Laminate | Before You Buy

Laminate floors have many advantages, and choosing the best laminate floor for your home is made easier when you visit Okanagan Hardwood Flooring’s beautiful showroom.  We carry laminate flooring from the finest manufacturers, ensuring your laminate floor will have the right combination of aesthetics and durability.  Consider the following when making your decision as to which type of laminate flooring is right for you:

  • Durability - high quality finishing techniques from our preferred manufacturers ensure that your laminate floors are highly resistant to wear and abrasion.  Like all flooring products, care must be taken with furniture – the use of felt pads is recommended and always lift furniture when moving, never drag.
  • Variety of Choice – laminate flooring is versatile, simulating the look of hardwood, tile, natural stone, cork and bamboo.  Textures, patterns and colours so realistic – only you may know the difference.
  • Ease of Installation – whether you are having your laminate flooring installed, or doing the project yourself, laminate flooring is one of the quickest and easiest flooring products to install. Most laminate flooring systems are completely glueless – just click and lock the boards together.
  • Cost Effective – a budget conscious choice for many homeowners, laminate floors allow you to have the more expensive hardwood, tile and stone looks at a fraction of the price.  
  • Suitability over Radiant Heat Systems – check with our sales staff as to whether the products you are looking at are suitable over radiant heat systems.  We can guide you into making the right choice.  Many laminate flooring products are perfectly suited to perform over radiant heat systems, but strict guidelines must be followed to ensure a good result. 
  • UV Light Resistant – make sure the product you are considering will not discolour or fade due to direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Environmentally responsible – our suppliers offer laminate floors with environmentally-friendly features, making their products healthy and sustainable for our planet. Many have the gold standard in eco-friendly products – Greenguard Certification
  • Warranty – most warranties cover stains, wear, fading as a result of natural or artificial light,  and manufacturing defects.  To ensure that your warranty does not become void, make sure that you always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the care and maintenance of your laminate flooring.
  • Matches your lifestyle – for allergy sufferers laminate floors are easy to clean and very hygienic.  In active households with small children, laminate flooring is the perfect choice.